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Yoga never interest me, i did one trial session with payal and now i am so hooked on it.. All credits to payal.. She is outstanding.. Her in-depth knowledge, dedication, and teaching techniques are wonderful.
I would definitely recommend her..
Think yoga think payal!!!

Summy chaudhary

I attended yoga and meditation classes and found the techniques to be very helpful.
Payal is a very knowledgeable and professional instructor. She is very clear and precise in her instructions. Payal always brings to attention correct postures and breathing techniques which is very important.
A big thanks to ‘Sunrise Yoga Centre’ for the beneficial yoga sessions.


Amazing experience at sunrise yoga centre. Payal is very good instructor with in depth knowledge and teaching techniques . definitely recommend.


I always wanted to get started with yoga but felt that as I had no experience at all that I will not be able to follow the yoga poses during group classes. Also, I was not familiar with the breathing methods.
However, I’ve met Payal about 2 months ago and have had regular private and group sessions and I’m over the moon with the outcome. Not only have I gained confidence in mastering the poses and the breathing methods but I also feel healthier (full of energy) and I can see my body toning too.
Payal is authentic with lots of experience and has an in-depth knowledge about yoga in general. I’m due to have a mediation session with her in due course.
I’m certainly recommending Payal to any beginners or even those who have been practising for years.

Karima Zitoune

I never tried yoga but when I decided to do I am fortunate to have Payal as my instructor,she gives customised instructions along with normal yoga. Her teaching technique is simple and easy to follow.Also she have a very good knowledge on benefits of each yoga routines.I am enjoying my sessions even though it’s tough to remember each asanas name.

S Mary Joseph

Payal is an amazing instructor . I was completely new to Yoga and tried other classes first ,and could not pick it up, however when I joined Payal class she made sure that I understood everything I am doing and why .
She’s fully aware of her pupils levels and always makes sure she adjust accordingly.
Highly recommend her and you will be amazed how quickly you move up levels


Being new to yoga and exercise in general, Payal made me feel comfortable and at ease embarking on what was only my third ever yoga class. Having at this point experienced two other teachers, who I had found difficult to follow, I was worried that my third time would not be the charm. However, I can genuinely say that Payal’s consistent and gentle way of explaining each pose filled me with confidence in my own abilities and I was highly impressed that by the end of my first class I managed to do the crow. The pace of Payal’s class was just right, and I found that with her guidance I was able to focus on my inner self in a way that I had not been able to before.


I am completely new to yoga. yoga became my weekly routine recently. she is a great instructor; knowledgeable and have a very good teaching skills. She understands that everybody has individual ability, and she encourages to build yoga goals based on it. Interesting and broad range of exercise combined with meditation. I would say to those people looking for good yoga experience; join into her classes.


Excellent experience with Payal. The personal touch and attention which she gives to every participant is endearing to watch and amazing to experience. I am the lifetime member.

Tushar R Topale

I have attended Payal’s yoga classes and very pleased and
Happy with her . She is the best yoga instructor I have come across till now. She is very professional and explains in depth the use of each exercise. I’m very pleased:)


Very happy with the teaching style.And I recommend it for health problem oriented Yoga with Payal Thakur.

Sara Simon

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